PtW Steel Solution PtW Steel Solution

Process Equipment

Heat Treatment
Walking Beam Type Continuous Slab Reheating Furnace<
- Effective Length : 45,000mm
- Effective Inside Width : 12,800mm
- Overall Length : 46,300mm
- Overall Width : 13,740mm
- Height of Charge and Discharge Roller Table : FL+800mm
- Distance Between Charge and Discharge Roller Table : 51,600mm

Recoiling Line
Recoiling line / Tension leveling line / Off-line SPM line
- Line speed : 200~600mpm
- Tension : 15~40 ton
- Product capacity : 100,000~400,000 ton/y
- Thickness : 0.2~2.3mm / 1.2~6.4mm
Consist of Pay off reel, Welder,Leveler or Skin Pass Mill, Side Trimmer, Oiler, Shear, Tension reel.
Process Equipment
Entry/Delivery Equipment for Hot Rolling, Cold Rolling, STS,…
Equipment Configuration (Entry)
Coil Car->Pay off reel->Flattener->Shear & Scrap disposal->Welder & Notcher(Purchasing Item)->Looper
Equipment Configuration (Delivery)
Looper->Inspection Area->Shear & Scrap Disposal->Tension Reel->Coil Car